Jack Daniel’s Jack Honey Launch

Contracted by Mark Techno in 2015, Archipelago organized a launch-party of the year at High Spirits above the city for the product launch of Jack Honey. Incorporating multiple brand elements for the target market of musicians and artists, Archipelago ran a beautiful and creative event from conception to launch, with the social media and marketing campaign to match.


Invitations were delivered around town by two beekeepers, in full beekeeper outfits.  Invited guests were encouraged to give a shout out or have a photo taken with the beekeeper and post on social media – “I’ve been invited, have you?”

A unique addition to the evening was a live graffiti wall.  An artist started creating a JD graffiti wall at the start of the event, and completed the wall by the end of the event, the wall was filmed using a go pro time lapse and content created for social media promotion.